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Operationalizing User-driven Resilience for Sustainability transition in CITIES

28 novembre 2014 | Main conference hall – Gran Sasso Science Institute | viale F. Crispi 7, L’Aquila

This webinar is intended to serve as the launching event of the International Network OURS CITIES. Involving six partner institu- tions spred over 4 continents, this network aims at discussing and shedding light on emerging concerns about urban resilience frameworks and indicators, highlighting the sometimes unaccounted key role of bottom-up initiatives in building more resilient and sustainable cities.

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For further information see the programme.

Renaturing Cities

Systemic Urban Governance for Social Cohesion

1-2 dicembre 2014 | Aula Magna – Politecnico di Milano | piazza L. da Vinci 32, Milano

The EU Conference on “Renaturing Cities: Systemic Urban Governance for Social Cohesion”, under the auspices of the Italian Presidency of the Council of the EU aims to to inspire Research and Innovation policies on sustainable urban development by bringing together scientists, policy makers, the business sector and representatives of the civil society.

The conference will focus on multilevel governance for urban and peri-urban areas and highlight the relation between supranational, national and sub-national scales, as well as the interplay of actors within these scales. Therefore, new instruments of urban governance based on a strong public-private partnership will be explored in order to facilitate the interplay between policy-making, market-driven actions and grassroots initiatives.

For further information see the conference programme.