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U3-UrbanisticaTre (ISSN 1973-9702) is an online scientific journal (as recognised by ANVUR, the Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of the University and Research Systems) which focuses on the study, design and construction of cities and territories, providing a space to discuss ideas, researches and experiences on their collective production.

The journal’s editorial structure is as follows: Editorial board, Scientific board, Editorial committee, Editor-in-chief.

U3 is a place open to the contribution of young researchers and of those who, nationally and internationally, would like to express their ideas or present valid results.
We would like this journal to place itself in a position where it is not only in step with the emerging problems in the design and construction of a more just (and nicer) city, but also in touch with ideas and experiences regarding the perspectives of a collective construction of space that are not necessarily consolidated. It should be open to different points of view and disciplines, even outside the academic world, wherever there are people who directly or indirectly deal with the topic of cities and territories. Due to our different interests, U3 offers different topics within its leRubriche section, which host various kinds contributions as text, audio and video: in-depth accounts of ongoing or concluded researches (Focus), interviews (Dialoghi) notes, travel reports, exchange and research experiences abroad (Viaggi) reviews and re-readings of texts (Letture), reflections on cities starting from their visual representation (Immagini &Video) reports on conferences, seminars and exhibitions (Cronache), in-depth accounts on words and their meaning (Lessico), collection of studies or researches (NU3 – leNote di U3).

U3 relies on the potentialities of the web and seeks to experiment an innovative editorial organization, that highlights the relationship between the sporadic and immediate contributions within the Rubriche and the other section of the journal: QU3 – iQuaderni di U3 (ISSN 2531-7091). QU3 are quarterly, peer-reviewed thematic issues, edited by one or more supervisors, who submit their proposals to the editor-in-chief and the editorial board. ANVUR recognised QU3 as a high-quality scientific journal (rivista scientifica di classe A) in the architectural field (area 08).

Giorgio Piccinato

Editorial board
Lorenzo Barbieri | Chief editor
Francesca Porcari | Secretary
Martina Pietropaoli, Lorenzo Barbieri, Giuseppe Ferrarella, Alberto Marzo | iQuaderni di U3
Eleonora Ambrosio | leRubriche di U3
Viviana Andriola | Communication
Giulio Cuccurullo | Graphics

Past editors and collaborators: Domenica Bona, Elisabetta Capelli, Sara Caramaschi, Carlotta Fioretti, Flavio Graviglia, Janet Hetman, Valentina Signore, Nicola Vazzoler, Chiara De Rosa (internship), Beatrice Taiariol (internship).

Editorial committee
Giovanni Caudo, Anna Laura Palazzo, Francesco Careri, Mario Cerasoli, Marco Cremaschi, Andrea Filpa, Giovanni Longobardi, Lucia Nucci, Simone Ombuen, Alfredo Passeri | Dipartimento di Architettura, Università degli Studi Roma Tre

Scientific committee
Thomas Angotti, City University of New York; Oriol Nel·lo i Colom, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona; Valter Fabietti, Università di Chieti -Pescara; Max Welch Guerra, Bauhaus- Universität Weimar; Michael Hebbert, University College London; Daniel Modigliani, Istituto Nazionale di Urbanistica; Luiz Cesar de Queiroz Ribeiro, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro; Vieri Quilici, Università degli Studi Roma Tre; Christian Topalov, École des hautes études en sciences sociales; Rui Manuel Trindade Braz Afonso, Universidade do Porto

QU3 reviewers
Maria Beatrice Andreucci, Maria Argenti, Elena Battaglini, Nico Calavita, Juan Calatrava, Leslie Caldwell, Liza Candidi, Carlo Cellamare, Francesco Chiodelli, Leonardo Ciacci, Giuseppe De Luca, Kaliopa Dimitrovska Andrews, Simin Fadaee, Hartmut Frank, Michael Gentile, Adriana Goñi Mazzitelli, Umberto Janin Rivolin, Tamta Khalvashi, Giovanni Laino, Laura Lieto, Giovanni Longobardi, Fabrizio Mangoni, Paul Manning, Anna Marson, Luigi Mazza, Francesco Domenico Moccia, Marco Negron, Maria Luisa Neri, Camilla Perrone, Leila Rekhviashvili, Manuela Ricci, Giuseppe Roma, Laura Saija Michelangelo Savino, Paolo Scattoni, David Sichinava, Alice Sotgia, Francesca Romana Stabile, José M. Urena, Lia Vasconcelos, Francesco Ventura


Publication ethics

QU3 peer-review process