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Deprived territories, local heritage

Peripheral Territories and the Built Heritage as a Cultural, Social and Economic Differentiation

Resource – brief approach to the case of the Portuguese/ Spanish Border Line Fortifications

di Nuno Bigotte Santos


The pace of change and the social, economic and cultural evolution imposed by globalization is one of the most important trends that we face today. In all regions, the social and economic evolution and population density changes make their management increasingly complex. The on-going process of globalization determines that small and peripheral regions must “gather its roots” and look for its own and endogenous values to face that process and the most powerful regions and groups that are controlling it, in order to make a stand in the modern globalized world.

Nuno Bigotte Santos has an Economics Degree and a Master Degree in Spatial Planning, Innovation and Development Policies. His academic studies and professional experience focus on the idea of Optimization: of processes and resources, but also of behaviours, in a company environment as well as in a territorial governance point of view. Lately, he has been collaborating with the Northern Regional Authority of Portugal, analysing investment projects within the EU funds, but also he has collaborated with the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto in different projects related with spatial planning.

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